Kelowna has become one of the fastest growing cities in Canada. It’s no surprise why many have moved out this way, Kelowna ticks off many boxes. 

Kelowna’s Population is Growing

The quest for change has driven the population of Kelowna up 1.9% since 2019, according to Statistics Canada. That makes for approximately 4000 additional people in one year’s time. The city is expected to have outsized real estate returns in the future. Predictions land Kelowna as growing by 50,000 in 30-40 years time. 

Furthermore, Kelowna has been named Canada’s No.2 Most Livable Place, according to RatesDotCa, Canada’s leading mortgage interest rate comparison website. As it stands, it checks off a lot of boxes for homebuyers. 

10 Reasons People are Moving To Kelowna

We are rounding up some of the top reasons why people may want to make the move to this growing city in the Okanagan. 

Warm Weather Year Round

Kelowna hosts warm weather, comparatively, in all four seasons. The fall is crisp, the winters are mild, the spring is sunny, and the summers are hot. In fact, Kelowna receives over 2000 hours of sunshine each year. No matter what time of year, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. 

Deemed B.C.’s Wine Country

B.C. Wine is abundant in the Okanagan region, with over 200 wineries spread across. Kelowna is known to be the heart of this wine industry and often referred to as “wine country.” Kelowna hosts over 40 wineries within a 20 minute driving radius. There are some wineries in this region that have won awards and are world renowned. [link wineries blog]

Living Alongside Okanagan Lake

Okanagan Lake is a popular attraction for boaters, fishing, and those looking to enjoy the water in a variety of ways. Kelowna is nestled alongside the ample shores of Okanagan Lake. The lake rarely freezes, and Kelowna provides an abundant amount of beaches and water recreation due.

Endless Options For Sports & Recreation

Kelowna provides ample sports and activities year round. With the mountains and lakes, there are sports options for every season. Big White Resort is known for skiing, snowshoe trails, as well as mountain biking and more. There is also biking the Myra Canyon Trestles, hiking trails, not to mention the abundance of water sports due to direct access to the lake. If it’s watching sports, the Kelowna Rockets or Westside Warriors play hockey in the city. 

Golf Courses Galore

Kelowna hosts 14 different golf courses for all skill levels. As a result, it attracts international golfers as well as those trying to learn the game. There is the world-class championship course, Gallagher’s Canyon, The Kelowna Golf and Country Club, The Harvest Golf Club…to name a few well known courses.

Award Winning Food

Kelowna hosts a variety of eateries, both chain and locally unique food restaurants. There are ones that have become quite well known, whether you are looking for grub-style pub food, fine dining, a restaurant with a view, or farm to table, Kelowna offers it all. A number of winery restaurants have been recognized for their culinary expertises. In fact, one of the city’s newest restaurants, at Cedar Creek Estate, Home Block was voted Canada’s best new restaurant by Air Canada in 2019.

Parks & Amenities Beyond Compare

Provincial parks are plentiful: Myra Canyon, Bear Creek, Knoxville, to name a couple. All of which offer beauty, trails and ample nature enjoyment. Furthermore, there is also the infamous Waterfront Park at City Park Beach which hosts people wanting to enjoy a beach day. Given that, there are piers with shopping, bars, restaurants, and more. 

It Has Its Own Airport

The city has its very own international airport, YLW. This has become one of the fastest-growing airports in North America, as passenger volumes have been rising rapidly over the years. There is rich history here, and given Kelowna’s growth, the airport will no doubt gain more volume.  

Conservatively Priced Homes

Essentially the cost of a home in Kelowna, the household income needed, the amount of down payment and monthly mortgage payments makes this a cost effective option for many. In fact, it comes off as affordable to buyers from Vancouver, Victoria and Toronto (denser metropolitan areas where the real estate market is driving people out). There is an “urban” movement occurring as a result.

It’s Beautiful

The beauty of Kelowna cannot be taken for granted. Each year it draws 1.9 million visitors with a $1.25 billion in economic input achieved. Kelowna is a dream location, truly having it all, the lake, mountains, vineyards, farms and orchards, rolling hills and the incredible cityscapes.

The vision of the downtown core is to include more urban development in coming years, but even then, nothing can take away the natural beauty of this city.

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