1440 Group, announced its newest real estate project. It is a beautiful, modern-living approach to boutique townhomes in the Glenmore area of Kelowna, BC.

Glenmore Townhomes

The area at 888 Glenmore is about to get a lot more beautiful. This area sits in the growing city of Kelowna. It is well-positioned to capitalize on rising values over the next 18 months and could potentially yield more in 2022.

The company has a firm deal on 2 lot land assembly in Glenmore. Upon approval of a development permit, the project includes building out a 10-unit townhome building. These will be separated into 3 buildings (see plan below).  The project is currently going through the 1st & 2nd reading with a permit possibly being issued as early as June 2021. This means that by mid-June, demolition can start breaking ground. If all goes well, the actual building should take approximately 14 months. 

These boutique homes have been designed with modern finishings, to be crafted with quality, and provides simple elegance to relish big city living.

Units will be priced at a conservative $725K per unit, which is in line with the market value of homes in the area.  Register now at 888Glenmore.com

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Glenmore townhome Kelowna

Why Choose Kelowna?

Kelowna is growing, and at a rapid rate. Within one year, the city captured a growth rate of 2.03%, which accompanies the need for housing.

Each year Kelowna draws in 1.9 million visitors with a $1.25 billion in economic input achieved. Furthermore, it boasts year-round activities, truly having it all, the lake, mountains, vineyards, farms and orchards, rolling hills, and incredible cityscapes. We have seen that that with the market pushing people more out of big metropolitan cities, Kelowna has provided a sound alternative. It has an International airport as well (YLW), which has passenger volumes steadily rising, making it one of the fastest-growing airports in North America.

Kelowna has been named Canada’s No.2 Most Livable Place, according to RatesDotCa, Canada’s leading mortgage interest rate comparison website. The city is expected to have outsized real estate returns in the future. 

The Glenmore Townhomes project is being worked on by Bob Mangat of 1440 Ventures Lineage Homes Ltd. (Sat Sidhu), New Town Planning Services, OUTLAND DESIGN Landscape Architecture.

For more information, register now at 888Glenmore.com for announcements. 

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