Our Story

A licensed BC Residential Builder. 1440 identifies, acquires, develops, stabilizes, and manages cash-flowing multi-family properties in high-quality markets nationwide. Our group uses a full suite of services needed to invest and build real estate developments, create positive returns, and establish thriving communities. We dream big, set achievable goals, and provide our investors with passive investment opportunities.

Our founder Bob Mangat has an indisputable track record of quickly and effectively working with over 2,000+ businesses, sharing with them the EXACT same strategies, techniques, and tools that he’s used in his businesses resulting in accelerated growth (doubling, tripling, or even 10x-ing their net profits within 12 months in most cases).* His last business was an 8 figure exit to a public company, his real estate company was one of the largest of its kind that taught strategies to thousands across North America.

The 1440 Group’s model allows accredited investors to invest as a limited partner. The company buys groups of properties and over time creates larger areas that can be built out. The 1440 Group takes care of the plans, vision and marketing. His recent acquisitions already resulted in 7 figure gains combined for our investors.

By incorporating technology, systems and process, multi-channel sales and marketing strategies which creates an unmatched advantage in the marketplace. The end results in a much more informed consumer. Whether it be an investor investing into one of our projects or a consumer, creating transparency, honesty, and integrity in everything we do is at the core of the 1440 groups mission.

Legacy. Distinction. Vision.

Our Process


Find the Deal

1440 works hard to get deals that represent the highest potential return for you. Through our proven processes, we set out to mitigate potential risks and unknowns. We then develop a plan to introduce value-add into each stage of our projects.


Negotiate the Deal

We enter into an agreement to purchase the deal using every possible scenario to draw down values that benefit our group.


Set the Team

We build a rockstar team that includes a multi-channel marketing and communication system, architects, builders, accountants, consultants, attorneys, planners, surveyors, and more.


LYFT Rezone

We start the LYFT rezone process with our team. We create the highest and best-use plan available to generate higher valuations of the land/project at each stage. A LYFT is created when the property is bought as one purpose then assembled and moved into the next phase.


Magnetic Marketing

Using a formulaic approach that’s called “magnetic marketing” we “pull” customers to our properties like a magnet. We use modern communication tools to provide them with engaging information they’re attracted to, or actively searching for or value. Add in professional, premium branding as the project’s marketing will primarily drive target buyers to the web. Our strategy will leverage and use a multi-channel marketing approach that consists of websites, signage, MLS, social media, video, print, and more.


Presell Units

The official sales launch will include selling out of the project marketing team office 4 months in advance of construction start. We start the process by building massive hype through our proprietary pre-reg system. It’s anticipated that all homes will be sold prior to occupancy and the completion of home construction.


Start and
Manage Build

The first phase of the development starts being built. This is where we source and build out a larger development team that consists of local tradesmen and women.


Make Money

It’s anticipated that all homes will be sold prior to occupancy and the completion of home construction. We provide a full walkthrough to our new homeowners and obtain final occupancy. The work doesn’t stop there. Our development team will ensure full homeowner care after our sales service program is implemented and obtain five-star satisfaction from our new homeowners. We then distribute funds to our investors once the project is completed.


Our Divisions

Investing often seems complicated because of all the technical aspects of it, but it doesn’t have to be. 1440 Capital builds a new way of tangible investing that empowers our clients. Complete transparency, regular financial reporting so you know every step of the way what your dollar is doing.  Our regular email and SMS updates keeps you in the know.  We’ll never hide anything in the fine print from you. 1440 does not pay fees or commissions to anyone for raising money. We provide member units directly to you the investors—not through salespeople, brokers, events, or networks who are paid commissions. In turn, this results in substantially more of your funds being invested in any project.

Come home to a modern place that’s all your own in one of Kelowna’s top neighborhoods. Enjoy being close to numerous amenities in a convenient location that’s still far enough away from the hustle and bustle of the city. We Build modern, sustainable communities with our expert guidance. We’ll handle the nuts and bolts of managing the development and keep you updated every step of the way.

1440’s Rental Management brand. We plan, design, develop, build, rent and manage our properties.  All of our properties are carefully selected near schools, shopping and transportation. Quality and service is never sacrificed.

“Where you live, where you work is a huge part of our philosophy in creating communities that are going to allow people to live, to work, and to create memories with their families in that same space,”


If you would like to find out more about how we can help you, please give us a call, drop us an email or click to schedule a call.  We welcome your comments and suggestions.