Bob Mangat has charted another list, this one recognizing his serial entrepreneurship journey. He has been published on Yahoo Finance, as part of HighKey Agency’s list of Top 10 Entrepreneurs To Watch out for in 2021.

The list identifies individuals with unique stories, ones of inspiration, tenacity, and drive to achieve. Bob’s story and drive are truly one that defies boundaries and proves that with a golden mindset, churning ideas into profit is not only a possibility it’s a reality.

Bob Mangat’s Story

Growing up, Bob learned the value of hard work from his immigrant parents. He watched their struggles and started working at a young age, delivering newspapers and working at the family grocery store.

His first entrepreneurial shot was with OZJobs, at the age of 19. From there, he began to store. He went on to create one of the largest real estate companies of its kind in Canada before switching his passion to technology and marketing, where he created the InvigoGroup. Under that group, 4 other companies were created, all providing high-end marketing and growth solutions for medical companies. At this stage, he continually perfected his process for growth, earning accolades and managing million-dollar campaigns.

Bob’s ability to focus on a niche, and provide expertise in growth allowed him to take businesses and make them into million or multimillion-dollar companies with a proven and specific process in 18 months or less. He became a two-time best-selling author and a two-time Two Comma Club winner while building his businesses and earned a title as “The Automated Entrepreneur.”

Forward To Now

After exiting the invigoGroup, he created his latest company, 1440 Ventures.

1440 Ventures is steadily building real estate projects, growing, and acquiring e-commerce and technology companies. Since launching in January 2021, he has already acquired 5 brands under this company. One recent acquisition grew by over 77% in the first three months.

Bob isn’t done yet, his drive and thirst to turn ideas into gold is the reason he loves working with new brands.

Follow Bob’s work here on 1440 Ventures to see what is coming down the pipe.

Read the full article on Yahoo Finance. In addition, check out: Millionaire Mindset on Yahoo Finance,

For inspiration, check out Bob’s Instagram, where he readily coaches entrepreneurs to achieve success as he did. 


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