Before we go forward with any of our clients we sit down to meet with them to discuss their budget, their needs, and what projects they’re most interested in.  If you would like to schedule a call first, click on the “Schedule a Call” button below and you will be prompted to pick a date and time and asked to provide your contact details. A member of our investor relations team will call you and answer any questions you might have.

A preferred return in real estate sometimes called an investment hurdle or first money out, is a way for capital investors in a deal to get paid first. A preferred return is a way to protect the capital of limited partners in a real estate deal who often inject the majority of the money into a project.

At 1440 all of our partners get paid first before we do. 100% of the investors’ money is paid back first before the developers take any share of profits.

An Accredited Investor is generally a person who has any one of the following:

  • Net financial assets in excess of $1 million
  • Net total assets of $5 million
  • An annual income before taxes, in each of the 2 most recent years, in excess of $200,000 individually or $300,000 with a spouse.

Sure! If you live in another country, depending on how you structure your investment, different documents may be required, but you are still able to invest with us.

Yes, but depending on how close you’d like to be around in your investments it may be more beneficial to invest in the province or territory you live in. Many of our investors drive by or take a short flight visit or check on their investments. They take pride in what we are building.

If you have an existing RRSP or TFSA then it is likely that you will be able to self-direct all or a portion of it into one of our funds. Check with your current custodian to see if they will allow you to self-direct your retirement account. If the answer is no, please contact a member of our Investor Relations team and we will introduce you to one of the custodians that we work with that will allow you to invest in alternative assets using your retirement funds.

  • The term of our funds vary from project to project. For longer-term rental holds, it is up to 10 years and for development projects, we are looking at usually 4 years.
  • We may offer funds that are shorter or longer or even have a perpetual life. Additionally, we have sole discretion to extend the life of the fund or even decrease the life of the fund after you have invested. The reason for this is we want to maximize the value of the fund’s investment in real estate. We do not want to be forced to sell the fund’s investments when the market is bad, nor do we want to pass up the opportunity to sell the fund’s investments when the market is great.
  • We are long-term investors and the more time we stay invested in a property, the better chance we have of capturing property appreciation from inflation and rising rents.
  • No investment is ever without risk, even our projects. We don’t guarantee that you’ll earn a return as there are many factors that can impact the performance of the project’s investments—a significant amount of which are out of our control.
  • However, investing in private real estate poses less risk than many other types of investments. Historically, real estate is more stable market and has even outperformed the S&P 500 as they appreciate over time better.
  • We do our due diligence on every property and dutifully work on balancing risk with our targeted returns.

Opportunity is calling

Investment may seem intimidating, but with our help you’ll get a clear picture of the road ahead. Schedule a call with out team to talk through any queries you might have.