Kelowna has been named Canada’s No.2 Most Livable Place, according to RatesDotCa, Canada’s leading mortgage interest rate comparison website.  More than 150 cities and towns were ranked in a Livability Report. The report considered factors such as home price growth, mortgage cost and lifestyle, including factors like amenities, climate and even scenery. Kelowna was ranked number 2 out of the 150 cities. The only city preceding Kelowna on the list was Langford, B.C.

Smaller Towns For The Win

There are a lot of reasons that make Kelowna an ideal place to live, starting with its astounding beauty and year-round recreation. However, it was made clear during the pandemic that many Canadians had to re-evaluate their lives and make decisions that were more affordable or provided more space.

The entire country saw dense metropolitan areas lose residents into locations such as Kelowna.

Canadians Want More Space For Less

The survey actually found that 12% of Canadians were planning to either purchase a home in 2020, or had already purchased one since April 2020. Of that 12%, one quarter said that the pandemic played a role in their decision to move.  21% of homebuyers have moved from, or planned to move, from a major city to a smaller town.  Kelowna makes for a perfect choice and ticks a lot of boxes for these individuals.

What Makes Kelowna Great?

According to Statistics Canada, 44% of Canadians are looking for a home with more space for personal amenities (i.e. a pool, patio/balcony or large yard).

Kelowna definitely provides that and more:

  • Has an international airport (YLW)
  • Proximity to over 40 wineries
  • Hosts both winter and summer activities
  • Home to a number of provincial parks (Knoxville, Myra Canyon, and more)
  • Contains the renowned Big White Ski Resort
  • Has 14 different golf courses
  • Sits soundly in the Okanagan with stunning mountain and lake views

Given the lake, mountains, vineyards, farms and orchards, rolling hills, and the incredible cityscapes, Kelowna hits all the nature notes.

The survey also pointed out that 51% of Canadians that moved in 2020, due to the pandemic,  did so to “live in an area with more nature. 36% wanted to find a “cheaper” home.

With the growth potential of Kelowna, and its conservative pricing, making a move here actually is an investment worth making.

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